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::. Agriturismo Terre Umbre::.Castiglione del Lago
Agriturismo Terre Umbre Agriturismi Lago Trasimeno

This complex of two renovated brick and stone country houses is located in the beautiful hills surrounding Lake Trasimeno, between Umbria and Tuscany. Immersed in the green colours of the surrounding landscape  it features two beautiful pools...

::. La Fonte Agriturismo::.Perugia
La Fonte Agriturismo Agriturismi Perugia

Agritourism on the outskirts of Perugia. With a view of the castle where Federico Barbarossa once stayed, in the green hills of Umbria, La Fonte is a little corner of paradise just waiting to be discovered...

::. Agriturismo Tenuta Capitolini::.Perugia
Agriturismo Tenuta Capitolini Agriturismi Perugia

Charming 1875 stone farmhouse near Perugia. It welcomes you with its peaceful and rejuvenating atmosphere. Olive groves and woodlands give a feeling of peace and serenity...

::. Podere Bello::.Castiglione del Lago
Podere Bello Agriturismi Lago Trasimeno

Holiday Farm in Castiglione del Lago. A picturesque rural home of the 1700s surrounded by 5 hectares of green parkland with an outdoor pool, a restaurant and many other services. At the Holiday Farm "Podere Bello" you will find...

::. Agriturismo Casale dei Dotti::.Perugia
Agriturismo Casale dei Dotti Agriturismi Perugia

Agriturismo in Perugia. This typical Umbrian farmhouse dates from 1864 and is in a bucolic setting among ancient olive groves and spectacular views of the Monte Tezio National Park...

::. Country House Le Giare::.Gubbio
Country House Le Giare Agriturismi Gubbio

Agritourism in the countryside near Gubbio, set on a hill 720 mt. above sea level, surrounded by dense Umbrian woods in a wildlife preserve, with a breathtaking view of the city of Gubbio. Friendly and peaceful atmosphere, a perfect place to get away from the everyday routine.

::. Il Molino della Cagnoletta::.Bettona
Il Molino della Cagnoletta Agriturismi Assisi

Our ancient Country House is located in Bettonabetween Assisi and Perugia, and it has been completely renovated in English style.

::. Agriturismo Vigne di Pace::.Gubbio
Agriturismo Vigne di Pace Agriturismi Gubbio

A group of farmhouses on an estate near Gubbio, in the Umbrian-Tuscan countryside. The property was a manor holding in ancient times and now offers hospitality in elegant apartments...

::. Il Moro Country House::.Perugia
Il Moro Country House Agriturismi Perugia

Country House near Perugia, ancient manor house dating from the 1600s completely restored using traditional local materials - including 2 dependance.

::. Agriturismo La Fonte::.Panicale
Agriturismo La Fonte Agriturismi Lago Trasimeno

Agriturismo in Migliaiolo near Lake Trasimeno. A group of stone farmhouses scattered across a splendid estate, in the rolling hills a short distance from the medieval town of Panicale.

::. Agriturismo Casella del Piano::.Gubbio
Agriturismo Casella del Piano Agriturismi Gubbio

Agritourism near Gubbio, group of restored and renovated old farmhouses on a working farm. Thanks to its favourable geographic position...

::. Agriturismo Il Vecchio Mandorlo::.Perugia
Agriturismo Il Vecchio Mandorlo Agriturismi Perugia

Agritourism in Perugia. Recently renovated farmhouse with pool and scenic views. Only 5 km. from the historic centre...

::. Agriturismo L' Antico Casale::.Perugia
Agriturismo L' Antico Casale Agriturismi Perugia

An old stone farmhouse dating from the 1800s, near Perugia, completely renovated and ready to give you a warm and friendly welcome.

::. Agriturismo Miralduolo::.Perugia
Agriturismo Miralduolo Agriturismi Perugia

The atmosphere of this old farmhouse between Perugia and Assisi dating from the mid-1800s with outbuildings where tobacco leaves used to be dried, lovingly renovated and restored.

::. L'Antica Molinella::.Passignano sul Trasimeno
L'Antica Molinella Casa Vacanza Lago Trasimeno

Holiday Homes in Passignano. Our lovely 19th century country house has been thoroughly restored to its original architectural style and it is located only a few steps away from the marvellous medieval town of Passignano...

::. Agriturismo Le Rondini di Francesco di Assisi::.Assisi
Agriturismo Le Rondini di Francesco di Assisi Agriturismi Assisi

An ideal destination for families and for all those who want to spend a vacation in Assisi, among cultivated fields and olive groves. In its ten carefully furnished apartments you will find Umbrian hospitality for a comfortable and relaxing stay.

::. Agriturismo La Rocca Assisi::.Assisi
Agriturismo La Rocca Assisi Agriturismi Assisi

Agritourism in Assisi, stone farmhouse situated 350 m. above sea level, immersed in a verdant game reserve. Only 10 minutes from the town, it is an ideal haven for those seeking calm, nature...

::. Casale Mariandre::.Gubbio
Casale Mariandre Agriturismi Gubbio

Agritourism near Gubbio, old stone farmhouse completely renovated, located on a wonderful natural terrace at 670 m. above sea level.

::. Agriturismo Colle Paradiso::.Assisi
Agriturismo Colle Paradiso Agriturismi Assisi

Agriturismo near Assisi, authentic Umbrian farmhouse located at 650 mt above sea level with a magnificent view over the surrounding countryside. 


::. Agriturismo Il Podere::.Assisi
Agriturismo Il Podere Agriturismi Assisi

Agritourism near Assisi, typical stone farmhouse built between the late 1700s and early 1800s located in the lush Umbrian countryside. An area rich in culture, religion and natural beauty...

::. Le Gorghe di Valmarino::.Corciano
Le Gorghe di Valmarino Casa Vacanza Lago Trasimeno

Stone farmhouse halfway between Perugia and Lake Trasimeno, just 1 km from the medieval town of Corciano, within easy reach of the major art cities of the region.


::. Residenze Villamena::.Assisi
Residenze Villamena Agriturismi Assisi

Country Residence near Assisi, an ancient country house dating from the Middle Ages, lovingly restored using traditional materials to maintain its original charm. Set amongst green hills just outside Assisi...

::. Agriturismo Palazzo Val del Sasso::.Castiglione del Lago
Agriturismo Palazzo Val del Sasso Casa Vacanza Lago Trasimeno

Agriturismo in Castiglione del Lago. Palazzo Val del Sasso is placed in a wonderful landscape near the border to Tuscany. Gardens and the rural environment are characteristic for this area...

::. Agriturismo La Casciara::.San Giustino
Agriturismo La Casciara Agriturismi Città di Castello

Agriturismo near the town of Città di Castello, this recently restored farmhouse is surrounded by woods and pastures at 800 meters above sea level.

::. Agriturismo La Somaia::.Città di Castello
Agriturismo La Somaia Agriturismi Città di Castello

Agriturismo in San Giustino. Two stone farmhouses on a game preserve of 650 hectares. Olive groves, vineyards, verdant hills, the simplicity of the life-style and the food...

::. Agriturismo La Torraccia::.Todi
Agriturismo La Torraccia Agriturismi Todi

La Torraccia is a typical Umbria stone farmhouse situated on a gentle hill which rises above the green Tevere’s Valley. It is surrounded by panoramic views of Todi, Montecastello, ancient towers and fascinating castles.

::. Agriturismo I Mille Ulivi::.Montefalco
Agriturismo I Mille Ulivi Agriturismi Foligno

Agritourism in Montefalco, one of the most beautiful towns in Italy. Set on a hilside of olive groves, with a view over Spoleto and Assisi. An oasis of peace and relaxation, where the peace and quiet of nature combines with the history...

::. Agriturismo Poggio Bella Vista::.Castiglione del Lago
Agriturismo Poggio Bella Vista Agriturismi Lago Trasimeno

Agritourism in Castiglione del Lago, a group of farmhouses on a holding of 30 hectares with private lake and large park with playground. In a scenic position on the hills surrounding Lake Trasimeno...

::. Bio-Agriturismo La Ginestra::.Gubbio
Bio-Agriturismo La Ginestra Agriturismi Gubbio

A 30 hectare organic farm and holidays home situated in Gubbio deep in the green hills of Umbria, 650 metres above sea level, partly wooded and partly farmed, with an olive grove, orchard and pasture.

::. Agriturismo Il Felceto::.Città della Pieve
Agriturismo Il Felceto Agriturismi Lago Trasimeno

Agriturismo in Città della Pieve, an old farmhouse faithfully restored in the Umbrian style. Set on a hill, surrounded by woods, farmland, vineyards and olive groves. From its privileged position one can enjoy views of both Umbria and nearby Tuscany.

::. Country House Al Casolare::.Tuoro sul Trasimeno
Country House Al Casolare Agriturismi Lago Trasimeno

Agriturismo in Tuoro sul Trasimeno, an old stone farmhouse in the Umbrian hills overlooking Lake Trasimeno. The many trails and country roads are ideal for hiking and biking.

::. Agriturismo La Mora::.Santa Maria degli Angeli
Agriturismo La Mora Agriturismi Assisi

Agriturismo in S. Maria degli Angeli, two typical farmhouses in Italy's Green Heart – Umbria, in the vicinity of the city of Saint Francis. Thanks to its central location, it is an ideal starting point for visits to Assisi...

::. Vacanze Ideali e Tenuta Badia 99::.Lago Trasimeno
Vacanze Ideali e Tenuta Badia 99 Casa Vacanza Lago Trasimeno

Holiday Home in Paciano. Begun with the renovation of an old farmhouse, this welcoming, lovely group of cottages is the result of additional renovation of the outbuildings...

::. Agriturismo Ospitaletto49::.Città di Castello
Agriturismo Ospitaletto49 Agriturismi Città di Castello

Agriturismo near Città di Castello. Hospitality in this late 1900's farmhouse, carefully restored to create 4 characteristic apartments tastefully furnished and provided with every comfort. Located in the peaceful countryside...

::. Le Querce di Assisi::.Perugia
Le Querce di Assisi Agriturismi Assisi

Agriturismo in Assisi, once a farmstead, built around a 13th century Franciscan mill, now restored and renovated combining the style of the original structure with the addition of modern conveniences.

::. Agriturismo Del Quondam Vittorio::.Assisi
Agriturismo Del Quondam Vittorio Agriturismi Spoleto

Agriturismo in Giano dell'Umbria, near Spoleto. A beautifully renovated manor house on a working farm at the foot of the north face of the Martani mountains.

::. Agriturismo Il Poggiolo::.Spoleto
Agriturismo Il Poggiolo Agriturismi Spoleto

Agriturismo in the Spoleto countryside, a 16th century house of 600 sq.m. completely restored, situated in the rolling hills of Umbria. It enjoys a particularly scenic view on all sides from its perch...

::. Castello di Cisterna::.Gualdo Cattaneo
Castello di Cisterna Casa Vacanza Perugia

A castle near Perugia. Dating from the 1200s, this medieval castle offers panoramic views over the Umbrian countryside. The five rustic apartments are all fully refurbished and either overlook the valley or...

::. Agriturismo Gattogiallo::.Orvieto
Agriturismo Gattogiallo Agriturismi Orvieto

Agriturismo near Orvieto in the heart of Umbria among rolling hills and enchanting medieval villages. Typical stone farmhouse, renovated with the addition of a pool, in a setting of peace and tranquility offers a taste of authentic rural living.

::. Agriturismo Bellarosa::.Bastia Umbra
Agriturismo Bellarosa Agriturismi Assisi

Agritourism near Assisi, old stone farmhouse recently restored respecting the characteristics of the typical Umbrian country house. Its location in one of the most beautiful and incontaminated...

::. Agriturismo Tenuta di Fiore::.Todi
Agriturismo Tenuta di Fiore Agriturismi Todi

Agriturismo on the outskirts of Todi, small medieval village overlooking the lovely Todi countryside. There is a private pond stocked with carp and trout where guests can fish, and a swimming pool.

::. Agriturismo Colle degli Olivi ::.Fratta Todina
Agriturismo Colle degli Olivi Agriturismi Assisi

Agritourism in Assisi, stone farmhouse just a few minutes from the historic centre of town, surrounded by ancient olive groves in a pastoral setting. Here you can go back in time to the traditions...



Where is Umbria?

Umbria is bordered by Tuscany to the west, the Marche to the east and Lazio to the south. Mostly hilly or mountainous, its topography is dominated by the Apennines ...

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